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Housekeeping & laundry

Oceanwide sees to it that your employees, and therefore our guests, always feel comfortable in the rooms they live in.
Our fully trained and experienced stewards take care of:
Room preparation: changing and making the beds, emptying waste bins, vacuuming the rooms, cleaning the furniture, bathrooms and toilets, replacing towels, and topping up guest supplies such as soap and toilet paper. It is also our stewards’ job to check on amenities in the room and notify any faults. Everything is geared towards your employees living as comfortably as possible offshore.
Communal areas such as corridors, stairwells and the mess room are also cleaned and kept tidy. After all, these spaces must also reflect a good image. Cleaning communal areas includes, for example, dusting and vacuuming and cleaning the windows.
Furthermore, washing work clothing, sportswear and personal clothing is done with the greatest care possible. All with environmentally-friendly products.